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Busoft Support Centre

In 2011 Busoft, with the help of EU co-financing, build a high-tech IT center within the Operational programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013, grant procedure BG161PO003-2.1.06 “Upgrade of technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises”.
The main objective of the Centre is to provide top class IT services for the business, which aims to increase its efficiency and profitability.
Busoft Support Center” is a high-tech data center. The major functions of the Support Center are data storage, data back-up and proactive IT infrastructure monitoring.
HP Modular Smart Array ( MSA ) Storage Systems and HP Tape Storage System provide great opportunities for automated, 24/7, real-time data archiving.
Another important advantage of Busoft Support Center is the ability to provide services for preventive monitoring of computers, servers and networks. This feature ensures smooth operating of business and NGO’s information systems. Proactive monitoring detects and anticipatory replacement of defective piece or part of the entire customer’s IT infrastructure. Thus, Busoft Support Centre ensures full IT system continuity.
Busoft Support Center has a powerful firewall against viruses and cyber attacks. The wall filters the data flow to and from the Support Center.
Busoft Support Center’ continuous operating is ensured by a double power supply. The high-tech Busoft Support Centre continues to work despite black outs, reduction of voltage power or electric shock.

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