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Remote Online Data Backup

remote online data backupLocal data on PC, laptop or server is an important part of business relevant information for each organization. Loss of data leads to the risk of losing important information, reduced employee productivity and additional costs for IT recovery services.

The most common mistake of the users is to keep a copy of important data on the same physical device (hard drive) on which the original data are. If this drive fails, than the backup is also gone. Flash drives, portable hard drives are designed for data transfer, not for reliable backup.
The IT development and the increasing availability of The Global Network opened up new opportunities for providing the highest level of reliability – keeping backups of your data on remote servers.

We offer:

  • Continuous online background data backup on a remote secure server , regardless of the programs you use.
  • Additional copy of the data on a tape.
  • Your data is encrypted on the server, which ensures a high level of confidentiality. Additionally, you can add a local password for data recovery.
  • Automated process for tracking changes and backup versions of files.
  • Easy and fast recovery of the files on your computer.

Customer benefits:

  • Reliable data protection. Your data will be protected from loss, even when infected with viruses, in the case of equipment failure, theft, fire, flood, etc., regardless they are files on desktop or on laptop computer that is constantly moving, or we are talking about database (regardless of its size), which is located on a server and multiple users need to access it. Your data can be restored to a new computer.

  • Storing versions. Ability to store multiple versions of a file, which is extremely important for software developers, project managers, designers, etc. Restoring older versions is easy, without the need of the assistance from IT specialists.
  • You do not waste time. You do not spend time and do not have to deal with the data backup – we care about that.
  • Reduce costs. There is no need to purchase additional IT equipment and software.
  • Regardless the file types. You can back up the data of the program you work with (e.g. accounting, document system, salaries and personnel, medical, etc.) as well as you can back up other files of your choice, e.g. with different extensions – doc (from MS Word), xls (from MS Excel), jpg (photos, pictures), etc.

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