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Busoft Support Centre

Busoft Support Center is a high-tech data center. The major functions of the Support Center are:


IT Solutions Development

Busoft IT solutions help you overcome business and technology market challenges. We develop high-tech solutions tailored to the specifics of your business and your specific business requirements. Busoft provides high quality, reliable and flexible IT solutions.

IT Support

With the support, which Busoft offers, you get the best from your IT systems. We use our specialized know-how and high technology market leaders’ products, to ensure your business continuity. We keep your IT systems intact and do the maintenance and recovery for you. Thus, Busoft helps you focus on your strategic and high-priority businesses activities.

IT Solutions Management

Busoft supplies applications, platforms and technology support services. “Busoft Support Center” provides 24-hour proactive remote monitoring of your systems, data archiving, risk management and disaster recovery.

IT Solutions Modernization

Busoft upgrades outdated IT solutions that are still in use and brings their full capacity back to the maximum. Thus, we improve flexibility, reduce risk, limit damage and disruption, and cut down costs. Thus Busoft solves your problems with outdated platforms, high maintenance costs, lack of integration and web capacity.

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